Shivaay to comeback in Ishqbaaz?

BREAKING NEWS! Shivaay to return to Oberoi mansion?

Star Plus' Ishqbaaz is all set for a dramatic and thrilling track in the upcoming episodes. In the present episodes, fake Shivaay replace Shivaay and entered in the Oberoi mansion with a hidden motive. It's creating a lot of tension and suspense within the viewers of the show, as they await for this new impostor mystery to unfold.

There is a lot of assumption going on around on this new track. A new rumour about this track, is making the rounds that might bring a smile on the reader's face.

According to unconfirmed sources, Shivaay will soon return to the Oberoi mansion and kidnap the fake Shivaay. He will put up an act as the impostor to find out the truth behind this conspiracy and get to know who's behind this all.

Another spoiler has been going around , Anika's suspicious will soon lead her to find out the truth which will introduce some new high voltage drama in the show.

However this news is just merely a gossip until it's confirmed by reliable sources.

Stay tuned for more gossips and news.

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