Major TWISTS in Ishqbaaz

SHOCKING! Duplicate Shivaay mystery to get revealed in Ishqbaaz

The current track of Ishqbaaz is generating a lot of curiosity and appreciation from the viewers due to it's intriguing plot twists and exciting turn of events in the storyline.

As already seen in the show, Shivay has gone missing and his duplicate entered in the mansion to replace Shivay with a hidden agenda behind his this evil move. It's speculated that the fake Shivay is none other than Daksh who has teamed up with Kamini to destroy Oberio family.

However soon his identity will be exposed to Anika but she'll act along to find out what happened to Shivay and expose this fake Shivay with proofs and bring her husband back.

Will Anika be successful in saving Shivay from this fake Shivay? 

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