New track to begin in Ye Hai Mohabbatein

New track to focus on Shagun's pregnancy as Raman and Ishita are at loggerheads 

Mani is happy getting the news that Shagun is pregnant. Mani takes care of Shagun. Ishita wants to go to meet Shagun. Adi stops Ishita and asks her why is she helping Shagun, why are they happy for Shagun’s pregnancy, knowing she can never become a good mother. Ishita asks how can you say that about your mum. Adi says just you are my mum, why should we help her, she is selfish. Adi is angry and does not want to keep relations with Shagun. Ishita has decided to help Shagun. She tells Adi that Shagun helped them in Ruhi’s matter, Shagun is not so bad, what’s the baby’s mistake, its Mani’s child, just not Shagun. She convinces Adi to let her go.

Raman gets scolding after Shagun falls ill because of him. Mani gets angry on Raman. Doctor asks Mani how can he be so careless when she asked him to take care of Shagun and keep her away from stress. Raman says its my mistake, not Mani’s, I had to talk to Ishita, I assumed Shagun to be Ishita, I covered her with blanket and got her here forcibly to talk, sorry I did not mean to hurt Shagun. Mani breaks out Shagun’s pregnancy news to them.

Ishita says I m so happy to hear this, congrats. Raman and Ishita congratulate them. Ishita tells doctor that she will take care of Shagun. Ruhi and Aaliya get glad. They all have sweets. Ruhi hugs Shagun and also wants to take Shagun’s responsibility. Shagun asks Raman if anything happened to Ishita, if she was in her place. Raman apologizes to her and asks her not to take stress. Ishita asks Shagun not to worry and focus on her baby, as Raman will never change. She taunts Raman. Will Raman change for the good? Keep reading.