SHOCKING! Ashwin to murder Maya in Beyhadh?

The makers of Beyhadh are leaving no stones unturned to make the show interesting. In the upcoming episodes, audiences will not only get to see a grand and hatke wedding of Arjun and Maya (Jennifer Winget), but also a murder mystery.

In the previous episode, we saw how Maya announces a grand party for her parents' Ashwin and Jhanvi reunion. In the party, the media will also be present where she reveals how Ashwin used to torture her during the childhood.

Beyhadh Spoiler: Maya To Marry Arjun Within 7 Days; Ashwin Gets Murdered!

Ashwin feels embarrassed, while Maya continues and tells the media that now she is out of trauma and has accepted her father. She also gets Ashwin and Jhanvi closer and asks them to exchange rings. Ashwin is shocked with Maya's sudden change.

Arjun says that he is proud of Maya, but she tells Arjun that she is still scared of Ashwin as she is confident that he hasn't changed. To cheer Maya, he proposes Maya in front of media.

He also promises her that they will get married within seven days. Saanjh is happy for them, while Maya warns Saanjh to stay away from Arjun.

The audiences will witness a major twist as Ashwin will be killed during Arjun and Maya's wedding.

Who killed Ashwin?

Apparently, the viewers will be shown how Ashwin was killed and the visuals will be dramatic! 
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It is reported that Ashwin will plot to kill Maya on her wedding day, but Maya's mother Jhanvi will stop him, and she will end up killing Ashwin. Some reports suggest Maya will kill Ashwin who blackmails her. Nothing is confirmed about the murderer right now, stay tuned.