Maya and Arjun’s intimate photos to get leaked in Sony TV’s Beyhadh

Maya and Arjun’s intimate photos to get leaked in Sony TV’s Beyhadh

The drama in Sony TV’s popular show Beyhadh is set to get salacious, with the upcoming track having a subtle sexual veneer.

The daily stars television’s two popular and physically attractive actors, Jennifer Winget aka Maya and Kushal Tandon aka Arjun.

The chemistry of Maya and Arjun does exude latent sexual tension, which will see a thin light of expression in the coming episodes.

Maya is head over heels in love with Arjun, which is now known to Arjun’s best friend Saanjh (Aneri Vajani).

Now, in the upcoming track, as informed by our sources, Maya-Arjun’s intimate pictures will get leaked and finds its way to the pages of leading newspapers.

The incident will embarrass and infuriate family members of both the parties.

So how will the pics get leaked?

Well, the perpratator would be no one else but Maya’s dad Ashwin (Rajesh Khattar).

Ashwin, responsible for Maya’s troubled childhood, will further rub mud on her life, tarnishing her image of an independent, confident woman.

The ever benevolent Saanjh will see the pictures and question Arjun on the same. A bewildered Arjun will perceive Maya to be at fault, not knowing of the real hands behind the slimy act.

The pictures in reality will be smartly shot and morphed to make them look intimate.

What will unfold next? Will Arjun-Maya’s already stressed relationship see another dent?

To learn more we buzzed the actors but they remained busy shooting.
credit tellychakkar