Here is a new twist in Kumkum Bhagya awaiting you

Zee TV’s Kumkum Bhagya is one of the most loved shows of the small screen. Fans of the show love the chemistry between Abhi and Pragya. Their love-hate equations and the cute fights are the major USP of the show. However, thats not all, Alia and Tanu’s constant efforts to separate the love birds have been the major plot of the Zee TV show. The wicked females are not happy with the Abhi and Pragya’s happy married life and try to create problems for them. But, their efforts fail each time.

Abhi has lost his memory and now doesn’t remember Pragya, all thanks to Alia and Tanu. They are hoping that Abhi will now stay away from Pragya since he doesn’t remember her. But things take a different turn when Abhi hires Pragya as his personal secretary and demands to spend his full day with her. He wants Pragya to take care of his personal and professional needs much like she used to do as his wife. The only difference is that Abhi doesn’t know that Pragya is his wife and calls her by her real name (he knows her as Nikita).

Alia and Tanu are insecure that Abhi might remember his past if he spends time with Pragya. Hence Tanu tricks Abhi to marry him so that Pragya cannot come back to him ever again. However, things are not going to be simple for Tanu as Abhi’s dadi is against the marriage and so is Pragya. Although, they cannot openly stop Abhi from marrying Tanu they are secretly conspiring to call off the wedding. Everything has turned so confusing that Alia and Tanu are not sure if they would be successful in their plans or not.

In the meanwhile, Tanu has begun to poke Abhi for her wedding shopping. She wanted him to accompany her so that they can spend time with each other. But Abhi demands to have Pragya along since she is his personal secretary and has a good knowledge of his likes and dislikes. As they visit the jewellery store, the shop is attacked by some goons. Abhi will try to escape from the shop along with Pragya but somehow get stuck inside. Situation begin to get worse but Pragya somehow calls Purab to inform about the same. Purab brings the cops after informing them about burglary attack and arrives outside the shop to save Pragya and Abhi.

Will Abhi & Pragya escape from the attack safely? To know more about Kumkum Bhagya, keep following us.
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