Abhi and Pragya's cute wedding twist in Kumkum Bhagya

Pragya makes Abhi puppet finding Abhi’s weakness
The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya will show that Abhi is happy finding Pragya is not pregnant.

Pragya tells Abhi that now she can go back to her home as now she fine and Abhi allows her.

However, Abhi gets restless not seeing Pragya around him and does not do any work on time.

Pragya comes to Abhi’s room and Abhi tells her that he feels alone and does not able to anything so she should stay around him forever.

Pragya agrees with Abhi and takes three promises from him as he will sleep on time and have only home made food.

Abhi redo to taking wedding rounds with Pragya just to keep closer to her

Abhi refuses to agree with Pragya then Pragya threatens him that if he will not do it then she will go back to Palghar.

Abhi tells Pragya that he can do anything for her as he can also take seven wedding promises with her.

Pargya get stunned but then diverts the mater and Abhi irks seeing Pragya’s ordering behavior.

Abhi unwillingly did the work which was asked by Pragya just keep Pragya closer to him.

Will Abhi realize his love for Pragya too?

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