Raman and Ishita secretly plan to expose Shagun infront of Pihu

Shagun gets trapped in Raman and Ishita's plan?

The fans of  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein are heartbroken with the recent twist of Raman and Ishita's separation. Post leap, Raman and Ishita are not living together anymore. Raman is with Shagun and Pihu while Ishita lives with her family.

The audiences are also angry over the Australia trip as it serves no purpose for the diehard fans of IshRa chemistry who wanted to see romance between the couple in a beautiful location. The current plot seems like that Raman hates Ishita As he hold her responsible for Pihu going away from him but however there is a twist in the storyline which will surely bring a smile on the viewer's face.

It is being reported that Raman and Ishita have been working together since the very beginning of this all mess. After failing to expose Shagun infront of Pihu, Raman and Ishita realized that it will be impossible to bring out the truth if Shagun is aware of their plotting against her. The couple decided to fake their fight and separation so Shagun no longer believes that they both are planning against her. Raman going to Pihu and Shagun was also the part of their plan, so that Raman can win Pihu's trust before they execute their plan to expose Shagun.

Now in Australia, after the leap, Raman and Ishita will secretly meet and plan against Shagun. Shagun will be aware of the plotting against her. The new entry will apparently be also a part of their plan who will help them to trap Shagun.

Are you excited for this new thrilling track?