Good News in Kumkum Bhagya

Aliya furious as Pragya-Abhi enters Mehra house

In the upcoming episode, Pragya goes to temple and prays that she cannot see Abhi getting married to anyone.
So give her strength so that she can stay away from Abhi. Just then Abhi reaches the same temple and sees Pragya, he gets really happy.

Abhi try to talk to Pragya but she goes from there ignoring him.
Abhi makes Pragya recall the contract Abhi stops Pragya and requests her to come back but she
refuses to do so. So then Abhi makes Pragya recall the contract that she signed before joining the job.
Abhi says that according to the contract you cannot leave the job according to your wish and if you do so then he can file case against her.

Pragya gets shocked hearing all this and agrees to go home with him.
Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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