Ye Hai Mohabbatein promotes child abuse

In an upcoming sequence of the top rated Ye Hai Mohabbatein, the little naive girl, Pihu (who should have been playing with her toys) will come up with an extremely dangerous plan to pull off her father ,Raman from his wife, Ishita.

Pihu will attempt to kill herself just to emotionally blackmail her father to stay away from the woman that this little girl hate beyond anything. This is an insensitive and unwanted sequence that is openly promoting child abuse. Pihu will be successful in her emotional blackmailing as Raman verbally abuses Ishita, followed by Pihu taking him away from her.

So what is the message that Star Plus and  Ye Hai Mohabbatein plan to promote? Lets get it cleared, so the most effective method is suicide if you want to force someone into taking your side. Even if they dont aim to promote such an ill message but still the end result of such badly track is just the wrong message being conveyed to the audience. Since this show is largely watched in India and in other countries, such insensitive sequences are unwanted if they are not dealt with care.