What! Abhi gets Shot in Kumkum Bhagya!

This year Dushera celebrations on Kumkum Bhagya are going to turn into a nightmare for Abhi and Pragya! The upcoming episodes of the show will show some intense scenes! While Abhi is gradually getting close to Pragya, Aliya is not liking it one bit! Abhi has also noticed that Aliya doesn't like Pragya and is always insulting her. Since Pragya is injured, Abhi picks her up and this agitates Tanu and Aliya even more!

Aliya will then decide to kill Pragya and get rid of her once and for all! She thinks that Dushera will be the best day to do it and starts planning the murder. She will now hire a sharp shooter to Kill Pragya! Abhi, however, comes to know about their plan and runs off to save Pragya. Just when Pragya is about to get shot, Abhi Jumps in front of her and takes the bullet!

This was the twist we were waiting for and we bet that now some major drama is about to happen!

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