Raman betrays Ishita and romances Mani in rain in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Warning: this is just a satirical article, there is no truth to it.

No Raman and Ishita dance this time, Raman ditches his wife and romances Mani. In the last few episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, the track revolved around the intense hatred of Raman and Mani toward each other. The makers left no stone unturned to create a chemistry between the two men, and there were quite successful as the repetitive fight scenes of Raman and Mani were indeed a treat for the eyes of the audience.

Sorry Ishita, Raman got a lover in his life

But soon both will patch  up  as Aliya announces to switch from Mihir to Adi  as she got bored of loving her love of life, Mihir hence the sudden falling in love with Adi. Mani will realise that now there is no reason for his enmity with Raman hence he rushes to apologies Raman for his behavior in the earlier episode. In the heavy rain, Raman and Mani will indulge into an argument which will lead to an romantic dance between the two. Raman will not be able to resist his love for Mani and dances with him while Ishita is worried for her husband's whereabouts.

After Shagun and Ishita's love saga, it seems like makers have successfully created another epic love  saga between Raman and Mani. Cheers for the new leads of the show.

Warning: this is just a satirical article, there is no truth to it.