OMG! Will Raman ditch Ishita for Pihu?

OMG! Will Raman ditch Ishita for Pihu?

Will Raman refuse to marry Ishita?

The most awaited track of IshRa remarriage is all set to bring in a lot of twists in the storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Secrets will be revealed that were kept hidden from Pihu.

IshRa remarriage track will lead to Pihu learning the truth of her real mother being Ishita which will destroy the world that the little girl has been living in. Her whole existence will be in doubt. Shagun will start plotting to stop Ishita getting married to Raman as due to her she couldnt marry to him.

Pihu will be shocked and devastated after learning that Shagun is not her real mother. This will lead to major drama as it will be Ishita who revealed the truth to Pihu. During the wedding preparations Pihu will blast at Raman for leaving her mother Shagun for Ishita which will make Ishita reveal the truth.

However Shagun will continue her planning to stop Raman and Ishita's wedding using Pihu as her weapon. Post revelation, Pihu will disturbed which will leave Raman angry at Ishita.

Ishita gets hurt as Raman blasts Ishita for revealing the truth. With Shagun being confident that the wedding will not happen now, will Raman really ditch Ishita for Pihu?? Or will Pihu accept Ishita as her mother?

Keep watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein to find out