Ishita breaks down after her wedding in Ye Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita are finally get married to each other once again! Both are extremely happy over this reunion , Adi and Ruhi are delighted over their parents getting back together. However their own daughter Pihu creates a huge scene after wedding bringing in an unexpected twist.

Shagun will use Pihu to destroy the celebration of IshRa remarriage and she is successful in doing so. After her failed attempts to break the reunion, she is ready to go to any extent to create problems after the wedding. Pihu gets angry over this wedding and she goes on to break Ishita's heart with harsh words. Pihu accuses Ishita.

Ishita unable to bear the taunts, breaks down. It is yet to seen how Pihu will get closer to her mother though it seems unlikely for now.

However now we are here with a prediction over the future track. Remember it is just an ASSUMPTION not any spoiler. There might be a new twist with Shagun agreeing to bring Pihu closer to Ishita but she will put a condition infront of Raman. It will be an interesting turn if the prediction comes out to be true.

Will Raman be able to clear Pihu's hatred for Ishita?