Here is why Ye Hai Mohabbatein is the worst drama

The top ranked show Ye Hai Mohabbatein is about a couple who are so-called in love with each other however the main lead just refuses to respect his wife and will literally look for another reason to badly thrash the female lead and emotionally abuse her.

Well, this show revolves around the same circle. Whatever the storyline is, it is just for sure that there will be a sequence of the husband verbally abusing his wife and then the issue is just straightly ignored when the main lead stupidly dances to a romantic song out of nowhere to seek for forgiveness. However remember, the cheesy romance is just planned to make way for more abusive sequences to come up - basically just to fool the audience in an attempt to increase the ratings.

The female leads is happily involved in all the mess and it seems like her memory is wiped out as soon as her husband runs to her for some romantic sequence. There is no progress in this show, the naive audience keeps getting fooled however they are too ready to bear all these abusive sequences just because they want the show to keep running to witness some more unnecessary forced romance between the leads.

Comeo on Ye Hai Mohabbatein just bring an end to this repetitive saga and spare the audience from this never-ending series! Call it quit, please!!