Yeh hai mohabbatein is losing the game can a rebirth track revive the magic?

The popular tv series Yeh Hai Mohabbatein failed to see any increase in its rating despite numerous attempts to spice up the drama in the storyline but unfortunately none of the them helped the show to climb up the trp chart.

It seems like the show is slowly declining with so much of unnecessary drama going on, we wonder if the makers have any more story left to be told, or they are just dragging it to cash on the popularity of the leads.

However we feel the show can be once again on the top if the show undergo a major revamp with Raman and Ishita being reborn with a new fresh tale to be told to the viewers. It will be an interesting change from the current tracks of the show which arent really any more intriguing.

Do you think Yeh hai mohabbatein undergo a revamp with new track focusing on Raman and Ishita?