Mihir to rejects Aliya's love leading to high drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

SHOCKING! Abhi to kill Aliya?? (click to read)

Raman and Ishita tensed while Shagun continues with her evil plotting 

Star Plus' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to introduce some unexpected twists in the storyline to entertain the audience and engage them with the ongoing drama.

Aliya is deeply in love with Mihir and her confession led to Adi's heartbreak with a lot of high voltage drama and blame game.

Soon Mihir will be aware of the dramatic happenings and decide to reject Aliya's love. He will plan to marry another girl to unite Adi with Aliya however this won't go well with Aliya who will get heartbroken. She refuses to accept Adi's love while Shagun fills her heart with hatred Ishita for being the mind behind Mihir's decision to reject Aliya and marry another girl.

Will Ishita and Raman be able to solve the problems? Will Aliya join hands with Shagun in her evil plotting?