SHOCKING ! Raman to slap Pihu

YHM: Shagun makes Pihu vamp,Raman slaps Pihu for Ishita

Shagun will be seeing turning complete evil against Ishita using her daughter Pihu completing her mission in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Shagun purposely sends Pihu with Ishita back to Bhalla house while Ishita is already aware about
Shagun’s intension being innocence in front of Raman.

Pihu is unaware about Ishita is her real mother and believes Shagun as her mother so she thinks that Ishita separated Shagun ma from Raman papa.

Shagun thinks that Ishita snatched away her kids Ruhi and Adi from her so she will snatch Pihu from her.


Apart from this, Raman pretends of tooth pain to change Ishita’s mood and they share some good moments.

Raman says to Ishita that he loves her but their romance could not go longer when Pihu entered in the room.

Pihu bursts out at Ishita and calls her a daily soap vamp; Pihu blames Ishita for separating her Maa (Shagun) and papa (Raman).

Raman losses his cool seeing Pihu crossing her limits and using abusive words against Ishita so he slaps Pihu.

Pihu blames Ishita for making against Raman against her too. Ishta is complete shattered seeing
Pihu’s avatar while Raman is angry seeing Pihu’s bitterness towards Ishita.

How will Ishita win Pihu’s trust and expose Shagun?

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