Shagun fails; Raman and Ishita gets closer

Shagun is trying her best to drift apart Raman and Ishita for her mission Shagun will use Pihu and poison her mind against Ishita. The history repeats as earlier Shagun used Adi as her weapon.

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The drama will galore in the upcoming episode where Shagun will fail in her all atempts to bring hurdle in Raman and Ishita's relationship. As expected her evil plans will bring the lovely couple closer to each other which will make Shagun more angry.

As Shagun and Mani's wedding gets closer, suspicious on Shagun will increase. It is yet to be seen whether Mani and Shagun marriage will take place or not!!

Also another news is that the actress Pavitra Punia who was playing Nidhi will no longer be seen and apparently the actress left the show.