Ruhi supports Ishita against Shagun in custody battle

Ruhi who has been quite suspicious of Shagun's behaviour lately will support Ishita after she reveals Shagun's evil deeds when no one will believe her. Apparently Ruhi will lend her support to her Ishimaa and give her strength to fight against Shagun to win back her family.

As already shown, Ruhi always struggled to disclose about Pihu's real mother to Pihu to reunite her with Ishita but all her attempts failed. She wanted to bring mother and daughter closer to each other.

Shagun will file a case for Pihu's custody and she is confident that she will win as years back Ruhi's custody was given to Ishita who was not her real mother but both had a strong bond between each other. Shagun feels Pihu will never let judges give her custody to Ishita.

ACP Abhishek will also support Ishita. Shagun wants to snatch away Pihu from Ishita as in the past she wanted to separate Ruhi and Ishita.

Will Ruhi be able to make Pihu realise the truth? Will Shagun be successful in her motives? Leave your comments below!!