Raman betrays Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman trusts Shagun over Ishita

Finally Ishita is aware of Shagun's evil plans and rushes to expose Shagun infront of everyone. Ishita will blame Shagun for plotting against her using a little kid, Pihu but Raman will not believe her. He shouts at Ishita for blaming the woman who took care of her family when she left them.

Pihu goes missing which will stop Mani and Shagun's wedding and everyone will be missing looking for the little girl.

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Shagun taunts Ishita saying that Raman believes her and no one will believe what Ishita will say. Ishita is shattered after Raman refuses to accept Shagun being evil.

How will Ishita expose Shagun?