No end to Raman and Ishita's romance despite seperation!!

Raman and Ishita might be living desperately in different houses but they are still connected through each other's heart. Despite separation, there is no end to Raman and Ishita's love as they continuing romancing chup chup ke!

Pihu is not liking Raman and Ishita'a closeness which resulted in Ishita leaving Bhalla house. Raman is heartbroken but he will not lose hope!

Raman will decide to plan a surprise for his wife! Ishita will resume work at her clinic, this will all be Raman's plan to spend more time with Ishita. She will return to her clinic to resume work, Raman will surprise her with flowers and a date in the clinic.

Raman and Ishita will go on their date finally! They both will have their romantic date in Ishita's clinic. Raman and Ishita will enjoy each other's company with no one to disturb them.