Karan Patel indirectly accuses and attacks Divyanka Tripathi !!??


Pissed off and angry over his character getting sidelined in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Karan Patel indirectly accuses his co-star Divyanka Tripathi!!

Recently on twitter, after fan's protest over Raman Bhalla getting less screen presence in the daily soap, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Karan Patel opened up on the matter and stated that nothing is in his hands and the creatives are responsible for any changes in the character's development and the storyline.

He also lend his support to a tweet by retweeting that spoke against Divyanka Tripathi blaming her for promoting nepotism in the show due to her star power, and also the ratings are falling due to Raman's character not given any importance in the current track.

Have a look !!

This caused uproar between Divyanka fandom and Karan fandom who started fighting to depend each other's faourite. However, Divyanka Tripathi came to rescue and trying to clear out the misunderstanding between the two fandom!

Respect to you Divyanka Tripathi!!!