Ishita and Shagun to get married in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Since the current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is focusing on Ishita and Shagun's bond we have some fun cooking up for the fans read out here

Shagun who has been cunningly planning to kick Ishita out of the Bhalla house, will come to realize that how much she actually loves Ishita and she has been plotting to keep Raman and Ishita apart, so not that Raman can marry her but she always wanted to get closer to Ishita and create a strong bond.

The sudden realization will leave Shagun shocked, however Ishita will sense Shagun's love for her and finally open up. Shockingly, Ishita is actually in love with Shagun not Raman, hearing this Shagun will hug Ishita. Both lost in each other's love will decide to get married against all the odds.

Gear up for Ishita and Shagun's wedding sequence, soon!!

Disclaimer this is just a satirical news nothing is true in it.