Abhi to stop Pragya from leaving Mehra mansion?

The upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya revolves around Pragya's struggling to get Abhi's memory back but all her efforts fail.

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Tanu and Aliya will celebrate as they are happy that Abhi doesn't remember Pragya and also he is once again unaware of their evil deeds. When heartbroken Pragya returns to Mehra mansion, Aliya and Tanu will throw her luggage and other belongings out of her room which will make her angry and she will slap Tanu.

However Pragya is dishearten after Daadi also supports Aliya and Tanu requesting Pragya to leave to house for Abhi as he will question why Pragya is staying in their house. Pragya who is concerned over Abhi's health, will silently prepare to leave the house.

BUT there is going to be a twist. Abhi will return home from hospital when Pragya is about to leave and he will wonder about Pragya. Though not confirmed but Abhi will stop Pragya and ask her to stay in the Mehra house which will anger Tanu and Aliya.

We will soon update about upcoming storyline!!