Abhi to fall in love with Pragya again?

KB: Tanu get irked seeing Abhi falling in love with Pragya again

Kumkum Bhagya: Tanu will get jealous and angry as Abhi will again fall in love with Pragya and she wont be able to keep Abhi away from Pragya
In the upcoming episode, Pragya has left the house but that does not mean that she will not do anything to get Abhi back.
Pragya will try to get Abhi back by trying to make him remember the moments that they have spent in past.

Pragya will make Abhi recall those moments and she will also take care that Abhi's health does not get affected while doing so.

Pragya will become the receptionist/personal secretary  in Abhi's company so that she can get close to him.
Pragya will become receptionist in Abhi's company
On the other hand and Aliya as well as Tanu thinks to take the advantage of Abhi's memory loss and take his property and money.

But Pragya will not let them do anything evil or wrong with Abhi.
Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.
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