Shagun and Mani to get married in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

As seen in the current track, Ishita is no longer living with Mani and staying at Bhalla family. Shagunwho was to get married to Raman,sacrificed to reunite Raman and Ishita to get back together. The circumstances leave the Bhalla family worried as Shagun is left alone.

In the upcoming episodes, Mani and Shagun wedding talks will begin. Shagun will be reluctant to marry first but she will agree to get married. Everyone will be happy that finally everything is fine and they all are fine.

As known, Shagun has turned negative once again to destroy Ishita's life, agreeing to marry Mani will be a part of the deadly trap of Shagun to take down Ishita. With her cunning schemes, Shagun will silently plot to separate Raman and Ishita without anyone suspecting her.  

Not confirmed, but Shagun and Mani will not get married, and it might be Simmi who tie the knot with Mani. That would surely make an interesting twist!