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Raman has got Ruhi’s custody. Raman complains to judge about Niddhi, who wanted to kidnap Ruhi and kidnapped Ishita instead. He says Ishita is missing, and all this was done was Niddhi. Ishita reaches the house by difficulty. She has come back to her family, when Niddhi’s truth was coming out infront of judge.

 The family gets glad seeing Ishita back. Niddhi denies all blames. Ruhi tells judge that she will not go to Niddhi, as she was kidnapping her. Niddhi fell in her eyes and Ruhi takes decision to stay with Bhallas. Judge sees the video of Ashok and Niddhi’s confession and gives Ruhi’s custody to Raman and Ishita. Ishita tells them how she has run away from the goons, and her struggle to see her family.

The Bhallas and Ruhi unite Ishita and Raman. Shagun will be becoming negative again. Its celebration time for Raman and Ishita, as Ruhi has forgiven them and decided to stay in Bhalla house. The family got completed. Ishita is happy that judge has given Ruhi’s custody to them. Ruhi apologizes to Ishita and hugs her. All misunderstandings got cleared.

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