Shagun KIDNAP Ishita in Yeh hai Mohabbatein

More drama and twists to galore in upcoming episodes of Yeh hai Mohabbatein as Ishita gets kidnapped by the goons.

Everyone will be shocked when Ishita is not found anywhere and will be worried but Ruhi will get angry blaming Ishita of faking her kidnapping to fool everyone and gain their smypathy as she always has been doing.

But Raman will refuse to believe Ruhi and tell everyone that Ishita is in danger. He will start to search for her everywhere. Amid all the chaos and kidnapping drama, a big twist will take place in the show.

It will be revealed that Shagun Is the master mind behind Ishita's kidnapping as she wants to separate Raman and Ishita. She was acting all along of being nice and sacrificing her happiness for Raman and Ishita's love allowing them to get married.

Shagun wants to get married to Raman and will go to any extent to fulfill her wish. Will Raman be able to save Ishita?