Swara’s memory finally back!! SwaSan’s union next…

Swara’s memory finally back!! SwaSan’s union next…
Swara is scared and hugs Sanskaar. Mohabbat hai……… plays……….Swara and Sanskar are at some place.

Sanskar kidnapped Swara and got her somewhere, not to harm her, but to make her realize his goodness. Maybe Swara’s heart is melting by their moments. He covers Swara by his jacket and takes care of her. Swara realized Sanskar is a good person and loves her a lot. Swara will expose Parineeta.
Meanwhile, Sahil comes to meet Swara in jungle. He says Swara belongs to him. Swara is shocked to see his psychotic behavior and runs towards the same place where she lost her memory.

Swara gets her memory back as Sahil points gun on her head while standing on the cliff near the river. Sanskar and Laksh follow them. Swara shouts Sanskar. Sahil asks Sanskar not to come near him. Laksh and Sanskar are shocked. Swara bites on Sahil’s hand, runs towards Sanskar and hugs him. She faints as she gets her memory back. It is yet to be seen if it is their plan to get Swara remember her memory or conspiracy of Sahil.

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Finally Sahil's track will end and Swara and Sanskar will safety return back to their home. They both will share some romantic moments, while more drama and twists are expected.