SUSPENSE REVEALED: Ishita to get shot by goons?

Ishitha and Raman ‘s dinner date
The long running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is making the audience happy with it’s never ending twists in Ishitha and Raman ‘s Life. In the recent episode, Ruhi is angry and calls everyone fake during the dinner.

In the upcoming episodes, Adi will gift Raman a ” Worlds Strongest Dad” tag to Raman. Unknowingly, Ruhi also cooks food of Raman’s favorite dishes. Later Adi plans a surprise for Ishitha and Raman. He gives them passes of Dinner in a hotel along with Vandu and Bala.
When Raman ishitha reach hotel,they find Ruhi along with judge in the hotel.They both get confused and occupy a wrong table which is booked for Mr.Aggarwal’s.

The goons come to Raman and point a gun towards him under the table.Raman asks the goons to meet outside as he don’t want to create a scene before judge. There he tries to explain them that he is Raman Bhalla but they will not listen him.
After a lot of Chaos, Raman locks them in a room and escapes in his car with ishita and reach a house to hide.Actually the house will be of Mr.Aggrawal. Goons will reach the place and search for them.

Raman and Ishita hide inside a cupboard. Ishitha and Raman are going to be seen romancing each other. Ishita will sit close to Raman, finding herself in his embrace, and Raman will be seen caressing her in reciprocation. The couple will forget the world around and get lost in each other’s eyes.
If Rumors are to be believed, The goons will catch Ishitha and point a gun towards her. May be she even gets shot. This will give break to Divyanka Tripathi as her wedding is near.

credit tellyguru

It is yet to be seen whether Ishita will get shot or she will get kidnapped. What track do you want?