Raman and Ishita to finally romance

YHM: Ishita-Raman's drunken romantic ice fight

The upcoming episode will show that Romi and Ashok are planning to create trouble in Raman-Ishita's life.

Ashok makes Raman drink alcohol and also uses cheap trick to add alcohol in Ishita's drink to create drama.

Ishita gets out of control on drinking alcohol and looses her temper, starts to flirt with Raman.

Raman gets irked and scolds Ishita, but she doesn't listen and dances madly in the party.

Seeing this Raman gets concerned for Ishita and takes her along to a hotel room.

Ishita-Raman's romance

Ishita's drunken masti doesn't stopped here and starts to flirt to Raman.

Ishita's romantic avatar starts to melt Raman but he tries to control himself by remembering his hatred.

Ishita plays with ice bucket game with Raman, recalling their older love moments together.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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