Karan Patel refuses to shoot rain sequence with Divyanka

Karan Patel refuses to shoot rain sequence with Divyanka

Karan Patel DEFENDS rumours about throwing tantrums!

One of TV's most popular actor, Karan Patel doesn't just wow one and all with his role in 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein', but the talented actor is regularly in news, owing to the BCL saga. The most recent being, Kamya Punjabi confessing her love for him and his wife Ankita Bhargava clearing all the air about it.

And adding another controversial story to the bandwagon is that the actor has been throwing a lot of tantrums on the set lately, while shooting for a particular sequence. This is not the first time when the actor has been in the news for these reasons.

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Apparently, there was a sequence, where Karan had shoot in rains, so the unit had called in a water tanker to shoot the sequence. The next thing they knew was that Karan was extremely angry and refused to shoot the sequence. Even before, Karan could provide the reason for doing so, people started making their assumptions and terming it to be another example of his 'moody tantrums'.

However, the actor took the platform of twitter to clarify his stand, which certainly highlighted the real reason behind the whole story..

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It was the genuine problem of water shortage that Karan felt was important and hence did not want to waste more water. And this isn't just a sudden point of concern, the on-going 'Indian Premier League (IPL)' cancelled several matches that were slated to take place in Maharashtra due to the water problems. Well, this certainly was a great way to silence all the bashing and rumours!


The fans will surely be upset about missing an intense rain sequence between the lead pairs though we are sure the citizens in them are proud of what Karan stood up for!