Bulbul to come back in Kumkum Bhagya

The current track of ZeeTv’s Kumkum Bhagya shows that Aaliya has finally confessed that she was the one behind bulbul’s death.

Aaliya’s truth gets known to everybody but she is confident that Abhi cannot do anything against her.
on the other hand, everybody gets shocked when Abhi gives Aaliya a tight slap after knowing about her crime.

Abhi slaps Aaliya second time post her confession of killing Bulbul

Abhi had earlier slapped Aaliya when she had taken Bulbul’s place as Purab’s bride & this is the second dramatic slap sequence.

After Aaliya is exposed, Tanu will be left alone and will not be able to do much. Abhi has realized Pragya’s love for him and wants her to express it.

On the other hand, another big twist will soon take place as Bulbul is all set to make a dramatic re-entry on the show.

It is still not sure whether Mrunal Thakur will make a comeback as Bulbul or the makers will bring in another actress.

on the other hand, Bulbul’s re-entry will surely bring an exciting twist for fans of the show.

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We hope Mrunal Thakur returns to play her character of Bulbul once again