Shagun revelation and her evil plans to stop Raman and Ishita reunion

More drama to take place in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein as Mihika spots her sister Ishita alive in the hospital and gets surprised. The Iyer sisters share an emotional moment. Mihika is happy seeing Ishita alive. Meanwhile Shagun gets to know Ishita is in India and she plots to keep Raman and Ishita away as Ishita getting back in Raman's life will ruin her plans that she has been waiting for since years to get fulfilled.

It is revealed that Shagun ditched Manoj to take place of Ishita in Bhalla and Raman's life. While she was successful winning over Bhallas heart but failed to get closer to Raman. Shagun build up a strong relationship with Pihu to gain Raman's love in a similar way like Ishita got married to Raman for Ruhi.

Shagun might meet up Ishita and request her to go back to Australia as soon as possible, as everyone is happy without her and Raman is happily married to Shagun. This breaks her heart. Raman and Ishita meeting is getting delayed as the show is performing very well and the makers plan to spice up the drama with more hit and misses between the couple to create an ntense reunion of the couple in the upcoming episodes.

Ruhaan truth is also likely to be out soon. Major revelation are going to take place which will bring in lots of twists in the show. Stay tuned till we get some confirmed piece of news on the upcoming track