Raman and Shagun NOT married post leap

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been creating a lot hype surrounding the storyline post the leap. The viewers are left confused with the current episodes as the leap was introduced suddenly with so many questions still left to be answered.

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In the coming episodes, audience will be left with shock when Pihu will address Shagun as her mother who will be living in Bhalla house. It will be shown as Shagun is being married to Raman but soon it will be revealed that they both are not married to each other.

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Also rumour has it that Raman is not living with Bhallas. Shagun and Manoj are living with the family, and Pihu call them as her parents.Though it is not be confirmed, and we will try to bring more info on this confusion. Stay tuned

Latest News: Shagun might not be married to anyone. She just dress as a married woman for Pihu. Still there are no news of Manoj being present after leap.