PREDICTION: Fate of YHM characters after leap


The new grey shade character who would rule over Raman's business as Raman no more takes responsibility of his business. He would enjoy being successful, and woulnt want Raman to take back the control.

Mihir-Mihika and Iyers:

These two are likely be married to each other. Mihir would have refused to work under Romi after he takes up the responsibility. Iyers would distance themselves from the Bhalla and hate Raman as he is held responsible for Ishita's death.


Shagun will be living with the Bhalla family, replacing Ishita in everyone's life except Raman's. She would be married but to whom it is yet to be seen. It is more like that Shagun married Manoj but chose to live with Bhalla to take care of the family in Ishita's absence.


Sarika is likely to become a background character with just negative intentions. Her role might get less importance after the leap.


She might be the only sane family member in the Bhalla family would still have hope of Ishita and Ruhi returning completing their family bringing happiness.

Apparently Mani is coming back in the show as Ishita's saviour.