More details of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein future storyline

Ishita, Aaliya and the mystery man will travel to India. Ishita will be reluctant to return as she will scared to face the past which has been haunting her for seven years. Ishita is shattered, Raman's taunts still make her cry. In India, a new lovestory will take place between Adi and Aliya who will get closer to each other with some nok-jhok.

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According to new gossip, Ruhi will be in India only with a new identity of Ruhaan. It is yet to be known how the trio of mother,father and daughter will meet. Thought is is confirmed that Ruhi will have extreme hatred for Ishita and will be very obedient to Nidhi. Ruhi will plot to create trouble in Ishita's life and bring more hatred between Raman and Ishita while Pihu will want to wish for a happy family. She will bring a new ray of happiness in Ishita's life which is filled with pain and sadness.

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It seems like the initial storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is being repeated with some role reversal. Pihu would be the new Ruhi would try to bring the couple closer while Ruhi is the new Adi who try to create trouble for the couple and hate Ishita. And Nidhi is our new Shagun who would use Ruhi for her own motive, like Shagun did to Adi. What a unique leap! We wonder if there was really a need to recycle the storyline of the same show all over again when they could have continued the original storyline perfectly.