Ekta Kapoor turns down fan's demand

Pandit over audience for Ekta!!

Ekta Kapoor, why consult a 'pandit' when the audience are the one to decide the fate of the show?

We are sure getting advice from Pandit won't help anyway if you have planned a disastrous storyline for your show which is unacceptable to the fans. We wonder why don't she listen what fans and the viewers wish to watch afterall at the end of the day the show survives only when the audiences sits down to watch it.

According to past experience of Balaji's audience, it is not an unkown fact that Ekta Kapoor loves to ruin her popular shows by bringing n illogical twists and leaps which she had already brought in almost all of her previous show, this actually kills the creativity of her current show. We are sure Yeh Hai Mohabbatein can continue to entertain the audiences with the current cast without taking any leap. But alas, Ekta is one stubborn producer who refuse to accept audience's demand and enjoys watching her popular shows going down the drain.