Yamini aware of Shivanya's secret in Naagin?

The popular fantasy thriller series, Naagin continues its reign with blockbuster trps in the rating chart. As we already informed our readers about Yamini being the fifth culprit of Shivanya's parents death, we are here to bring some exclusive gossip that will surely shock you.

According to latest rumours and gossip, the Naagins are not the only one plotting and planning against the evil but also someone else is aware of their secret and playing a master game against them.

Yamini is rumored to be aware of Shivanya being a Naagin but instead of bringing out the truth to her family she has some other deadly plan for the Naagins. Yamini is letting the Naagins kill the other culprits so later she can have the Naag Mani all for herself.

Quite a shocking twist right? Yamini is indeed playing her cards rightly, and going to give Naagins a tough time. It will be worth watching when Yamini will reveal her master plan and Naagins getting the biggest shock of   their life.