Swara to celebrate her Mehndi function in Jail!

While there is already a buzz about Urvashi Masi being still alive and that she has actually under-grounded herself, faking her death on the show. And Swara being charged of her murder, is currently in jail.

In the coming episodes, Court will announce a life imprisonment for Swara (Helly Shah) which will scare everyone. Meanwhile, Kavita (Nikita Sharma) will come into the picture and confront Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) that Swara is innocent and she has the proof.

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She will show some video on the phone, as an evidence that can prove Swara's innocence. Sanskaar will grab Kavita and snatch the phone from her. However, she will fight him back and accidentally break the phone, ending the only evidence.

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Nefarious Kavita will then claim to have another proof that could save Swara, which she would only give if Sanskar agrees to marry her in return! Sanskaar will be baffled, but would want to save Swara at any cost.

So will he agree to marry Kavita?
Well, the answer is no!
He along with Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) will plot a plan against Kavita, to avail the proof from her while in the meantime, Ragini will go to jail to celebrate the Mehndi function with Swara which was supposed to take place in the house.

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Ragini will tell Swara that a to-be-bride doesn't look nice with an empty hand and both the sisters will apply mehndi on each other's hand.

Awwww... Indeed a rare sight! Are you guys missing the love between the duo then don't miss the further episodes.

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