Shivanya to confess her to Ritik in Naagin

Shivanya finally confesses her love to Rithik on Naagin!
Shivanya will be seen telling those 3 magical words to Rithik in the upcoming episodes.

Yes, the much awaited scene is here when Shivanya (Mouni Roy) will confess her true feelings for Rithik (Arjun Bijlani).

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In the upcoming episodes, Shivanya will consume a spiked drink resulting to her getting high. And in a drunkard state, Shivanya will confess to Rithik that she loves him. Not only this, she will also disclose Shesha's (Adaa Khan) i.e. Naagin's name in front of him. This will piss off Shesha who was actually sitting disguised in Rithik's look.

Yes, to every ones disappointment, it is not Rithik but Shesha to whom Shivanya confessed. Shivanya mistakenly confesses her love for Rithik to Shesha.  
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Along with this, Shesha who is angery with Shivanya will reveal the secret behind the mark that is on Rithik's neck. It is nothing but a symbol that Rithik has the special powers to catch hold of the Naagmani which is not possible for normal human being.

Shivanya who performed tandav to get the Naagmani, will she now target Rithik to get it? We will have to wait and watch!
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