Shivanya and Ritik revenge in Naagin

The plot thickens in fantasy suspense thriller Naagin with new twists shaping up the future story line. In the upcoming episodes some mysteries from the past will be revealed that will unveil the mask from evil faces with hidden motives.

Shivanya and Ritik will yet again have another connection as both of their parents' murderers will be the same. It will be revealed that Yamini is not Ritik's mother but his aunt, who betrayed her family and married the servant Ankush. Apparently they also murdered Ritik's parents, King and Queen for their evil motive of stealing the Naagmani.

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It seems like in the further episodes when Yamini and Ankush secrets will be revealed, Ritik will also set on a revenge along with Shivanya. It will only be revealed in the coming episodes whether Ritik will take revenge or he will forgive them!