Sesha to fall in love with Ritik in Naagin?

Ritik gets shocked seeing Shivanya dancing on Naagin tune played by snake charmer. Shivanya gets flowed hearing the music and dances like Naagin. Guru Maa asks Ritik’s dad to keep magical ring on Shivanya’s hand and see her changing to Naagin. Everyone is shocked. She keeps magical ring on Shivanya’s hand and says she will come in her real avatar, but nothing happens as such. Later Sesha is in disguise of Shivanya. She romances with Ritik during their 3 months anniversary. Ritik gets closer to her and hugs her. Sesha stops herself, but moves on in emotions. However she hopes Shivanya comes back home after recovering. There will be love triangle in the show with Sesha falling in love with Ritik.

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