Raman to push Ishita off the cliff in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

All the family members come to meet Ishita in jail. They cry and hug Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla and others cry badly. Ishita asks them not to cry. The lady constables take her away from there. Ishita will get hang till death sentence for Mr. Chadda’s murder. All the Bhalla’s and Iyer’s are crying. It was an emotional moment when Raman and Ishita meet before the latter is taken in jeep. Mrs. Bhalla is very much shocked and shaken. Ruhi cries seeing her mum taken by Police. Ishita is proved wrong in the court room and held responsible for Chadda’s death. Everyone protest over the court decision.

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Raman plans to mock Ishita’s death and stops the police van on the way, when she is taking by the police. Raman attempts to get Ishita freed, and hence plans a fake death scene to get his ladylove back. Ishita does not get hurt in the process and he assures she stays safe. Ishita will be saved from the sentence and will return home in the upcoming track.

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This track now seems to be coming to an end soon as the ratings of the show didn't increase after this murder mystery track began and also the ratings slightly fell.