Naagin 7th February 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankush and Yamini entering their room and searching nagin. Ankush finds book on floor and says he kept it in cupboard, how did it come out. Yamini sees snake skin and shouts. Ankush says this is snake skin. Yamini says then it is proved nagin came here. Ankush sees window open and says she escaped from window. He says one who wanted to kill then is dead, that means this one is another nagin, they have to meet guru maa now.

Yamini and Ankush meet gurumaa who takes snake skin and nagin’s blood stained knife and performs pooja on them. Blood falls in a bowl. Guru maa says nagin did not die and is alive. Ankush says she told nagin will die. Guruma says someone is protecting her, but she will kill nagin soon.

Sesha goes to shiv temple to meet Shivanya. Bhairavi asks who come she is here. She says she needs to talk to Shivanya right now. He says Shivanya is resting and should not be disturbed and asks what happened. She says about Rithik’s neck tattoo mark and says Shivanya must be knowing about it. Bhairavnath asks her to find out the secret behind it as she is staying in that house now. Sesha says she will and leaves.

Gurumaa performs pooja on Shivanya’s blood and Shivanya starts shouting in pain with blood oozing from her wound. Bhairavnath gets worried and calls gurudev. Gurudev checks Shivanya’s wound and says it is verydangerous poison and somone is trying to kill her with mantras, so even he cannot help. Gurumaa tells Ankush and Yamini that nagin will lose all blood from her body and will die. Yamini asks why is nagin not yet dead. Gurumaa gives her belpatra and says if nagin is inside she will not go out an if she is outside, she will not get in.

Bhairavnath pleads gurudev to save Shivanya as he is shivji’s ardent follower. Gurudev prays with closed eyes and says he can save shivanya only for 1 day and says only shivi can save Shivanya and she has to go to shiv temple.

Angad praises Rithik that he killed nagin when everyone could not. Rithik says she bit Shivanya, so he had to kill nagin. Anjali says nagin is dead finally. Ankush and Yamini come and says nagin is not yet dead, so guruma gave them belpatra to tie it on all doors. Angad and Anjali tie belpatra on doors. Sesha thinks of meeting Shivanya again and tries to leave from window. Rithik enters and stops her and says nagin comes via this window and mom told she is stil alive, so gurumaa gave belptra. He ties belpatra on window.

Gurudev tells Bhairavnath that only Rithik can save Shivanya by taking her to shiv temple. Bhairavnath says Rithik will know that Shivanya is nagin. Shivanya says if he does not come, she wil die and even if he comes, she will die. Bhairavnath says Rithik will come and says her parents sacrificed themselves for shivji and even she is shivji’s discipline, so Shivaji bring Rithik. Gurudev asks Shivanya to go out and reach temple passing all the hurdles. Shivanya leaves. Gurudev says even Rithik is in danger as he has tatoo mark and is related to Shivanya. He can feel Shivanya’s pain and only god can help them now.

Shivanya walks in jungle towards shiv temple. Hawks attack her. Sesha thinks she needs to find out the secret in nagmani book and know why Ankush is safeguarding it. Shivanya calls Sesha via telepathy. Shivanya tries to leave via window, but belpatra stops her. She fumes that humans have made a belpatra protective barrier around whole house and she cannot go out now.

Bhairavnath tries to take lift from passing by vehicles, but no one stops. He thinks he has to go to Rithik and only he can save her. Sesha goes near door and looks at belpatra. Yamini asks what is she doing. Sesha says she was checking if belpatra is not broken.

Rithik feels Shivanya’s pain and calls Shivanya worriedly. Yamini asks what happened to him. He says he felt Shivanya is in danger and wants to see her now. She says she must be resting in room. He tries to run towards room, but Sesha comes in shivanya’s disguise. Yamini says Rithik thinks she is in trouble. Sesha thinks how can Rithik sense shivanya’s pain twice, what connection the both have. She tells Rithik she is fine and nagin cannot come crossing belpatra barrier.

Hawks attack Shivanya. She changes into snake and gets into cave, then comes out and thinks she has to take her parents’ revenge at any cost and starts running again.

Sesha changes into snake and burns belpatra via electric wire. Yamini sees belpatra burning and calls family. Angad sets off fire. Ankush says nagin is very powerful and he will kill her at any cost. Bhairavnath comes outside Raheja house and thinks he has to call Sesha with been sound. Sesha changes into snake and escapes. Ankush sees her and shows it to family. They all panic. Ankush then hears been sound and comes out to check.
Shesha meets Bhairavnath and asks why did he come here. He says Shivanya is in danger and only Shivji can save her, Shivaya has to go to shiv temple with Rithik within 3 hours. Sesha asks why enemy’s son. Bhairavnath says it is gurudev’s word. Ankush comes there and they both hide. Ankush sees them and thinks nagin is still alive. He then sees Bhairavnath and thinks snake charmer escaped 20 years ago and is still alive. He brings gun from his room and shoots at them. They both hide behind walls. Sesha sends Bhairavnath by saying she will bring Rithik to shiv temple at anhy cost. She then turns into snake and gets into house.

Rithik tells Yamini that he heard bullet sounds. Yamini says Ankush is upstairs. Ankush comes and says nagin is alive and he saw her going out. Sesha comes in Gurumaa’s disguise and says they have to be alert for 3 hours as they and nagin are in danger. Ankush asks her to think how to kill nagin. She says Rithik and Shivanya should go to shiv temple and pray there. She then goes out and changes into herself and then snake and enters house again to take Rithik to shiv temple.

Rithik tells Ankush and Yamini that he will go to temple with Shivanya. Sesha comes back as Shivanya. Yamini says she will also accompany them. Sesha says only they both will go and tells Rithik let us go. Ankush asks Angad to lock all doors and windows.

Shivanya sees mangoose around her, so she turns into snake and crawls on trees. She then takes human form and runs again.

Rithik gets Sesha/Shivanya into car and thanks her for agreeing to come to shiv temple for his family. She says it is also her family but thinks she is doing it for Shivanya.

Precap: Yamini says Shivanya her true face came out now. Rithik says Shivanya is not nagin. Guruma says she will prove it and throws ash on floor. Shivanya starts dancing like snake.

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