Naagin 13th February 2016 Written Update

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Naagin 13th February 2016 Written Update by H Hasan
Naagin 13th February 2016 Written Episode

Shivanya reaches shiv mandir and sees big python at door. She thinks this must be temple protector and tries to enter temple chanting shiv mantra, but python attacks her and gulps her in. Rithik and Shesha disguised as Shivanya reach temple. They both see python attacking them and run into temple. Python stop outside door. Sesha says it will not enter in. She realizes Shivanya is inside python and tells that she will throw stones to divert python’s attention. He asks how does she know. She says she heart about it and throws stones into python’s mouth thinking it will burn inside and python will throw out shivanya. Stones burn inside snake and Shivany also writhes in pain. Pyhton throws fire and Sesha tightly hugs Rithik. Rithik jokes that she always finds chances to hug him. He holds her hands tight and she gets nail injury. Their romantic nok jhok starts. She gets attracted to Rithik. Rithik says let us pray god first. She goes to bring water in mug. Python spits out Shivanya and she comes near well. Sesha gives her mug and asks her to go and perform pooja with Rithik soon. Shivanya sees nail mark on Sesha and asks what happened. Sesha says Rithik held her tight thinking it is her and she got attracted to him. Shivanya feels sad. She then performs pooja with Rithik and hides. Sesha diguises back as Shivanya and leaves in car with Rithik.

Shivanya reaches shiv temple with great difficulty and prays shiv idol. Bhairavnath comes and prays shiv to come now as brahma muhurat is passing. Shivji comes in 7 mouthed snake and blesses Shivanya. Shivanya gets well.

Guru maa prays kali maa and thinks nagin is dead finally. Her guru comes on yagna fire and informs that all her attacks on nagin failed, so all her tapasya went in vain and she cannot even recognize nagin even if she comes in front of her. She has to do tapasya again and get back her powers. Guru maa thinks Raheja family’s life is in danger and she has to alert them right now.

Raheja family tensely discuss about nagin while having breakfast. Guru maa comes there and they all get tensed. She says nagin is still alive. They say she had come yesterday after nagin attacked them and sent Rithik and Shivanya to shiv mandir. She says she did not and nagin came in her diguise again. Sesha disguised as Shivanya enters with Rithik. Guru maa says nagin… Sesha gets tensed. Guru maa says nagin has returned and she sent them to temple. Rithik says a big python attacked them in temple and they ran inside. Sesha thinks why is oldie not identifying her. Guru maa says she lost her powers and cannot identify nagin now until she does tapasya and get backs her powers. Sesha relaxes.

Bhairavnath tells Sesha that she has to kill even Rithik as he is Ankush’s son. She says she cannot. He asks if she saw tattoo mark on Rithik’s neck. She says she no. He describes how Sesha show mark on Rithik neck and seeing it in nagmani book and says Rithik has connection with nagmani and nagvansh and only he can get nagmani back. Shivanya thinks that is why Rithik feels her pain and realizes when she is in trouble.

Rithik’s siblings ask Shivanya what she planned for valentine’s day. She asks what is it. They taunt her and says she has to give special gift to Rithik. She says she will buy gift from market. They say she acts too innocent and give giftbox and card to her and asks to write love message for Rithik on card. She writes happy 3rd month anniversary and she is lucky to have him and leaves. Amrita reads message and says she is very boring. Angad writes a long message on card. Amrita asks he is crossing limits. He says there is no limit between husband and wife and laughs.

Bhairavnath continues brainwashing Shivanya that she has to get nagmani and protect it and describes how rajas used to fight for nagmani. He describes nagmani glows itself and its brightness can be seen from kilometers. She has to follow Rithik and get nagmani and should protect it. Shivanya says she will get and protect nagmani at any cost.

Rithik’s siblings show shivanya’s card to Rithik and say they need gift in return. Rithik asks what they need. Anjali says night club tomorrow, Angad says his car for a week, Amrita says liquor bottles. Rithik agrees, takes card, and reads card with blushing face. Angad comments. Rithik says they will not get anything and then thinks if shivanya can really write this. He goes to room and asks Shivanya/Sesha if she wrote it. She says yes. He says he will make arrangements and today’s night will be most beautiful. Sesha thinks every night is beautiful as she is nagin, but why she gets attracted to him every time.

Precap: Shivanya kills Shailesh by spitting fire on him. Rithik watches it. He tells family that she is nagin. Ankush asks if he saw her from his eyes. Shivanya angrily looks at Rithik.

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