Kavita exposed and sent to jail in Swaragini

The forthcoming chapter of Colors Show Swaragini will show that Lakshya-Ragini & Sanskaar–Kavita start taking wedding rounds.

Kavita is happy as her plan separating Swara(Helly Shah)-Sanskaar(Varun Kapoor) & getting married with sanskaar is going to complete.
on the other Side, Kavita’s happiness does not go longer because Swara rns away from police’s van and reaches to the wedding place.

On seeing Swara(Helly Shah), both Sanskaar and Ragini hug her and Swara breaks Kavita and Sanskkar’s wedding.
Sanskaar takes out a chip from Kavita’s hairs and proves to inspector that Swara is innocence.

Sanskaar & Swara(Helly Shah) expose Kavita and Kaveri
Swara also reveals Kavita’s mother Kaveri also involve in Masi’s murder.
Kavita and Kaveri finally get arrested.

Ragini is happy assuming now her dreams get completed as Swara and Ragini want get married with Sanskaar and Lakshya in same mandap on same day.
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