Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava marriage in trouble?

After we reported about problems between Anas Rashid and Rati Pandey relationship the latest we hear is about Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava. (Also Read: OMG! Rati and Anas break up? )

We hear that all is not well between the couple, Karan and Ankita.  The couple has not even celebrated their first marriage anniversary and we hear that problems have started brewing between them.

We contacted Ankita to know about the same, who told Tellybuzz, "It is going to be one year since our wedding and still some people haven't come to terms with it. I really feel sorry for people who run away from reality. We have been hearing these rumours for months now. I think the evil minds keep throwing such negativity in the universe hoping that one day it will come true. I feel scared to even post a picture with my husband online because I am scared that they will pump up their bad wishes after realising that Karan and I are actually happy. What hurts is that I have heard a few people who apparently know us well are also part of this gossip! Anways Karan and I both are family oriented people. We have decided to stay away from negative people."

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When contacted Karan Patel, he said, "There are people who wish Ankita and I have problems but the fact is that I am at the happiest place in my personal life. Ankita is the best wife and the best companion I could ever get. So, the rumours and the ppl who generate them can both go take a hike...!! Jo hum se jale woh thoda side se chale (Who are jealous of us, should take the side path)

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