Upcoming Twist in Kumkum Bhagya

Abhi has gone out with Tanu and Pragya. Pragya plans to take Tanu to the hospital. Tanu and Pragya had a cat fight in the car. Abhi is irritated by the catfight. They reach the hospital. Nikhil comes there and Tanu’s secret was going to be out. Tanu is stuck seeing Abhi and Nikhil’s conversation. Tanu stops Nikhil from saying anything. Tanu fakes a stomach ache seeing Nikhil and tries to take Abhi away. Abhi gets concerned for her. She does not know Nikhil met Abhi intentionally or not. She realizes Nikhil has come to meet her for the baby’s sake. Pragya calls Nikhil there to trouble Tanu. Tanu gets angry on Pragya. Nikhil will not go from Tanu’s life so soon.

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